General Science Quiz (Set: 1) Questions and Answers – 4

General Science Quiz

General Science (GS) Multiple Choice Questions and Answer (MCQs, Q&A) for different Competitive examinations as well as for different Academic examination.

31. Tetraethyl lead is used as
  • (A) Pain killer
  • (B) Fire extinguisher
  • (C) Mosquito repellent
  • (D) Petrol additive

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32. Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of
  • (A) Lead
  • (B) Chromium
  • (C) Zinc
  • (D) Tin

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33. The group of metals Fe, Co, Ni may best called as
  • (A) Transition metals
  • (B) Main group metals
  • (C) Alkali metals
  • (D) Rare metals

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34. The two elements that are frequently used for making transistors are
  • (A) Boron and Aluminium
  • (B) Silicon and Germanium
  • (C) Iridium and Tungsten
  • (D) Niobium and Columbium

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35. In which form the chemical compound RDX is used?
  • (A) As an composition
  • (B) As an reactor
  • (C) As an explosive
  • (D) As an nuclear weapon

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36. In Mammalian embryo, which among the following is the outermost membrane that serves as exchange between embryo and environment?
  • (A) Amnion
  • (B) Allantois
  • (C) Chorion
  • (D) Yolk sac

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37. In which among the following diseases, Seed Therapy is used now a days for treatment?

(B) Tuberculosis
(C) Cancer
(D) Asthama

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38. Which of the following is the source of adult human stem cell? Liver Bone Marrow Brain Medulla

(A) Liver
(B) Bone Marrow
(C) Brain
(D) Medulla

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39. Which among the following plants is used as Green Manure?

(A) Wheat
(B) Sunhemp
(C) Cotton
(D) Rice

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40. The web of the spider is made up of which among the following?

(A) Carbohydrate Polymers
(B) Proteins
(C) Lipids
(D) Polysaccharides

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