GK Quiz (Set: 1) Questions and Answers – 9

General Knowledge Quiz

GK Quiz MCQs, General knowledge is information that has been accumulated over time through various mediums. It excludes specialized learning that can only be obtained with extensive training and information confined to a single medium. General knowledge is an essential component of crystallized intelligence.

81. Which one of the-following universities is a Central University?

(A) Kolkata
(B) Dibrugarh
(C) Pondieherry
(D) Kurukshetra

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82. Who is known as ‘the father of Indian missile technology’ ?

(A) Dr. U.R. Rao
(B) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(C) Dr. Chidambaram
(D) Dr. Homi Bhabha

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83. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Academy is located at:

(A) Secunderabad
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Rae Bareily
(D) Delhi

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84. The ‘Gir’ Forest is noted for its:

(A) Lion sanctuary
(B) Deer Park
(C) Tiger sanctuary
(D) Crocodile Park

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85. White coal is:

(A) Uranium
(B) Hydro-electricity
(C) Diamond
(D) Ice

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86. The expansion for AIDS is:

(A) Active Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
(B) Acquired Individual Disease Syndrome
(C) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
(D) Acquired Immuno Disease Syndrome

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87. Bee keping is known as:

(A) Sericulture
(B) Apiculture
(C) Aquaculture
(D) Agriculture

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88. Which one of the following states of India records the highest sex-ratio?

(A) Kerala
(B) Karnataka
(C) Maghalaya
(D) Tamilnadu

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89. The first mid-term elections for Lok Sabha were held in:

(A) 1962
(B) 1971
(C) 1977
(D) 1980

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90. Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in:

(A) 1947
(B) 1948
(C) 1949
(D) 1951

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