GK Quiz (Set: 1) Questions and Answers – 4

General Knowledge Quiz

GK Quiz MCQs, General knowledge is information that has been accumulated over time through various mediums. It excludes specialized learning that can only be obtained with extensive training and information confined to a single medium. General knowledge is an essential component of crystallized intelligence.

31. Who had delivered longest ever speech in United Nation Security Council:

(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) VK Krishna Menon
(C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(D) Vallabhbhai Patel

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32. Who was the first flag bearer for Indian Team in Olympic Games:

(A) Lal Shah Bokhari
(B) Zafar Iqbal
(C) Purma Bannerjee
(D) Dhyan Chand

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33. India’s first heavy water plant was set-up in 1962 at:

(A) Thalcher
(B) Nangal
(C) Tuticorin
(D) Baroda

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34. An orbital velocity of a satellite does not depend on which of the following?

(A) Radius of the planet
(B) Mass of the planet
(C) Radius of orbit
(D) Mass of the satellite

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35. The vaccine of which of the following diseases was not included in the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) initiated by the Government of India in 1978?

(A) Polio
(B) Diphtheria
(C) Measles
(D) Tuberculosis

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36. What happens to the orbital velocity of a satellite when the radius of orbit is increased?

(A) It decreases
(B) It increases
(C) It remains same
(D) None of the above

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37. Which animal never drinks water in its entire life?

(A) Kangaroo
(B) Rat
(C) Fish
(D) Both A & B

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38. What was the Chandrayan I…

(A) An earth observation satellite
(B) Lunar Probe
(C) Navigation satellite
(D) Geo stationary satellite

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39. Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), SHAR is situated at…….

(A) Mahendragiri
(B) Ahmedabad
(C) Sriharikota
(D) Bangaluru

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40. IRNSS is a ……………..

(A) Navigation satellite
(B) Space mission
(C) MARS mission
(D) Geo stationary satellite

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